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BTD Whitepaper(Chinese)

BTD is world’s first distributed project supporting cloud drive application. BitDisk,the first blockchain cloud drive based on BTD storage chain will be officially released on April 21.With the same functions of Dropbox and Baidu Netdisk, BitDisk uses blockchain technology to make our file storage more private, more reliable and make storage more secure via remote disaster tolerant system. The blockchain incentive system will also promote explosive growth of BitDisk users, which is expected to increase over twenty million in June 2020. It means that the number of user wallet address of this blockchain project will just behind BTC and ETH in a year, becoming another BTC in storage field. BTD is also world’s first IEO distributed storage project. The IEO will be held on IDAX and at least 3 leading exchanges gradually and upon completion will make a listing on at least 5 exchanges.

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